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Monthly Homework(Archived)
August Homework
Due Date: 6/21/2017
Subject: 1st Grade






Week 1


Unit 1.1-1.5


Sight Words

see the   is up have


Spelling   Words

an as   had has and am


Practice writing your ABCs neatly.




Write numbers 1-12.


Look at the picture. Circle the things that are fantasy (fake)   and underline the pictures that are reality (real).


Draw 2 things that begin with the same sound as /m/onkey. Then   write each word.


Read “I Can See”.

Read “Sam, Sam, Sam”.

Fill in the hundred chart with the missing numbers.


Read “Matt and Sam”.

Week 2


Unit 1.6-1.10


Sight   Words

I a   there can on


Spelling   Words

tin six   him did is   his

Color the pictures that have the /d/ sound.   Then put a triangle around the object if it’s a person, a circle if it’s a  place, and a square if it’s a thing.



Write “s” for the pictures that begin with the /s/ sound. For a
  challenge, write the whole word.


Read “Dad Sat”.

Read “Ants”.

Write each short I word in the correct boxes. Be sure to look at   the letter height.


Label each item as a letter, word, or sentence.


Read “Sit”.

Read “A Hint”.

Week 3


Unit 1.11-1.15


Sight   Words

am and   did in it


Spelling   Words

not off   got top fog   stop

Write spelling words 5 times each.


Read “Pat’s Map”.

Read “Lin and Hal”.

Complete math worksheet.


Read “A Spot”

Write an “h” word for each clue.


Make a ten frame for the numbers 6 and 9. Then circle the ten   frame that is greater.


Read “Bob at Bat”

Week 4


Unit 2.1-2.5


Sight   Words

had him   said has at


Spelling   Words

back pack   sock lock tick   lick luck duck   neck peck block

Practice writing the letters   “O” and “o” 5 times each.


Write 3 adjectives to describe the animal in the picture.   Remember to think about how it looks, feels, smells, sounds, tastes, or acts.


Read “At the Mall”.

Practice writing the letters   “A” and “a” 5 times each.


What would cause an animal to use camouflage? Write a sentence   or two.


Read “Picnic”.

Draw a staircase for each _ck word. Make a step for each letter.


Does the picture have the “n” sound at the end? Write “yes” or   “no”.


Read “Rick and Rob”.

Draw a picture of two things that start with “f” and one thing   that ends with “ff”. Write the words.


Use counters to model the problem. Then draw a picture to show   your counters. Fill in the number sentence.


Read “Pat’s Class Trip”