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Supply List 


On the first day of school, your child will need the following supplies. Please put your child’s name on each of his/her items.


·        1 pair blunt tipped scissors

·        2 boxes of 24 count Crayola crayons

(Please, no more than a 24 count box and NO plastic or twistable crayons)

·        4 glue sticks

·        1 SMALL plastic pencil box

 ·        3- 24 count packages of #2 pencils

(plain yellow pencils only, please)

·      1 pack wide ruled notebook paper

·        4 black dry erase markers

(black only, please)

·        Backpack or bag to carry books/supplies home

(No rolling backpacks or zippered binders/trapper keepers.)



The following items are not required, but if you wish to purchase any of them for our class, they would be greatly appreciated.

·        Kleenex (the soft kind, please J)

·        Extra black dry erase markers                                                                              

·        Various sizes of Ziploc bags

·        Any of the above supplies for those who are unable to purchase them

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