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Lesley  Boyatt-Neal Staff Photo

Welcome Letter

Beginning of the year parent letter  

I would like to welcome you and your child to Kindergarten. My name is Lesley Boyatt-Neal and I am looking forward to a very successful and fun year with your child. To accomplish this, I will need your cooperation and communication. Feel free to call anytime during the day with concerns or questions.


Below is a list of some of some classroom activities, so you can be involved in your child’s learning this year.



I will be using "DoJo" as a way to communicate with my classroom parents. You can sign up for dojo on your computer or download the app to your phone. With DoJo,  I will be able to send quick parent reminders or information that I feel are important. Parents will also be able to message me (like you would a text) and I will be able to respond.

DoJo will also let you view your child's classroom behavior reports. I use Dojo as a teaching tool to help students evaluate his/her own behavior. When your child is showing positive behavior, I will give him/her a dojo point. If your child receives 10 dojo points for the week, he or she will be able to get in the treasure box on Friday. However. if your child receives a "negative" point  then they are not behaving in an approprate manner. But students can quickly earn the point back by showing positive behaviors.


School Attendance

Attendance is vital to your child’s success. Many kindergarten learning activities involve interaction with classmates through group work and hands on activities that do not involve pencil and paper. Therefore, it is impossible to make up these learning experiences through homework. Please try to see that your child attends school each day and arrives on time.


Missed Days

If your child does miss a day, please send a parent note or a doctor’s excuse as the office must keep a record of these. You can send these to me in your child’s folder or turn them into the office within 3 days of the day that is missed.


School Hours and Building Policies

Our class begins promptly at 8:20 a.m. Your child will enter in the front of the building and sit with his or her class in the gym. A teacher’s assistant will walk all K students to their classroom. If your child enters the school after 8:20, he or she must get a tardy slip from the office.


Star of the Week

At the beginning of each week, the class will have a STAR of the Week. The Star of the Week will be how the child’s last name falls alphabetically. I will send home a paper for you to fill out about your child and then I will read it to the class. It will ask questions such as what your child’s favorite foods, or activity to display on the wall. When it is your child’s turn to be the Star of the Week, I will send home a reminder on Friday so that you can send 3-4 pictures to the school to be on display Monday. At the end of the week, I will return the items in the child’s backpack.


Fun Friday 

As a way to give the entire class an incentive to be good, I give Class Compliments. For example, if the class is listening well, following directions or walking down the hall correctly, then I give them a compliment. If the class earns 10 compliments in one week, then we have FUN FRIDAY!! This could be extra recess time, play board games, eat ice cream or popcorn, etc. Your child can also earn 10 individual dojo pounts and get in the treasure box. The dojo points can be earned by doing his/her work, following directions or being a helper.



The children will be going outside everyday unless it is raining or extremely cold. Please keep this in mind when helping your child select clothing for the day. Also, keep in mind that your child will be climbing on playground equipment when selecting shoes. Please do not allow your child to wear flip-flops.



Please send all money to school in a sealed envelope with the following information written on it.

1.  Your child’s name

2.  The amount of money

3.  The reason for the money (picture order, book order)

This will help me to keep track of and the reason for the money.


Also, after lunch your child will be able to purchase an ice cream for $0.50. I recommend leaving the ice cream money in a small change purse (with their name on it) so they will be able to keep up with it better in the lunchroom.



Our class will be eating snacks in the afternoons. You may choose to send your child’s snacks daily in their backpacks or you can send the snacks/drinks in a bulk to be left in their locker for the week. I ask that you allow your child to have 1 snack and 1 drink a day. Please do not send Lunchables for snack time.



All children are asked to leave their personal toys at home. If your child does bring a toy, it will remain in their backpacks until they go home.


Transportation in the afternoon

The Kindergarten students attend school until 3:00. The teachers will take the bus riders to the bus at 3:00. The car riders will be sitting on the bench (right side) next to the entrance marked “K”. Please pull up and let one of the teachers bring your child to you. This allows for better flow of traffic. Please have all the names of family members that are allowed to pick your child up listed on the transportation paper. If the person picking up your child does not have a car tag, we will ask for you to sign the student out in the office. Also, please also let us know if there is a Red Alert (Court Order) on the child so they cannot be picked up by a family member. Please send a note with your child or call the office if your child’s transportation changes.